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Sunday I went to Chicago’s Gay Pride Parade. While immersed in the sea of carnival style happiness, I did lots of people watching, and BOY, is there lots of that to be had! Lots of people were topless in some … Continue reading

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May 21, 2012: Edited to protect the privacy of those involved in my story. I worked at this small community hospital in Chicago for just over a year.  The midwife group was three full time equivalents in the form of … Continue reading

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During the years of my private practice, all kinds of women came through my doors. Plenty of women knew from the start that they wanted a midwife. But I congratulated the women who transferred care mid pregnancy or later when … Continue reading

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“I’m not a feminist, but {insert feminist goal here}”

I banished this sentence structure from my vernacular about ten years ago. Last week in an interview I was asked to describe my feminism. My short answer was, “Well, I’ve been to the Michigan Women’s Music Festival for the past … Continue reading

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