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Best description of a TENS unit EVER

“It’s like white noise for my body.” Advertisements

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Home labour induction tips

See what I did up there? “Labour”? I’m getting this Canadian spelling thing DOWN!!! A while back I was, at a woman’s request, going through non medical induction methods. Near the top of the list was, “Have you tried fooling … Continue reading

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Self interruptus

Me at a recent home visit: “OK, now that your milk has come in, the baby will probably nurse for shorter periods of time and sleep for longer ones. You’ll probably notice more cramps when he’s nursing, so make sure … Continue reading

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Only funny to Gen Xers

Hi everyone! I’ll get back in the swing of blogging nice thoughtful posts, as well as some deets of my past year, but I figured I’d start with a quick and cute little story or two. A few months back … Continue reading

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I looked up and….

…six months? Really? Well, yes. I got here in late August, hit a speed bump with getting started, and have been trucking along since mid-September. Getting settled has been emotionally more difficult than I thought it would be. I didn’t … Continue reading

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Greetings, friends and neighbors! It’s been a bit, and a LOT has been going on! Remember this post? I got the job. Full time temporary, labor and delivery nursing, and I’ve never been happier to be working. And this one? … Continue reading

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Sunday I went to Chicago’s Gay Pride Parade. While immersed in the sea of carnival style happiness, I did lots of people watching, and BOY, is there lots of that to be had! Lots of people were topless in some … Continue reading

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