Greetings, all! I’m a midwife currently in Chicago and looking to move to Canada, where I don’t have to have an adjective in front of my professional designation. I don’t want to be a home or hospital birth midwife. I am a midwife.

I have lots of stories to tell! Pull up a chair, get some coffee (or whatever your favored liquid might be), and enjoy. Part journal, part commentary; some deep thoughts, some rants, and lots of laughs. My journey has been interesting and windy, starting in level 3 hospitals, going to home birth, and everything in between.

Everything in this blog is fully substantiated by my own opinion.


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  1. Heidi Gutowski says:

    I am a mom that is near Chicago, in the Northern Suburbs. I got your contact info through a very long grapevine via facebook. I am currently wanting a third child, but the only way I’d have another one is if I could have (or attempt, at least) a VBAC, most perferably, a HBAC. I feel that this has been like finding the peroverbial needle in the haystack! I have had 2 unwanted c-sections, and DON’T want to go through that again. Do you have any possible contacts that may be willing to attend my birth, given I get pregnant? Any and all info would be much appreciated!

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