Venturing back….


*feedback squeal*


This thing on?

Hi everyone! Just under four years since my last post, and wow, so much has happened!

The quick and dirty:

Moved to Victoria-my last few posts were from there-where I worked in a great practice with an amazing midwife.

Moved to the lower mainland a year and a bit later, where I worked in a great practice with a few amazing midwives for over two years.

Came perilously close to burnout. You know that thing where the universe gives you exactly what you ask for, and then you’re like, “Uh-oh”? That happened.

Went to Maui for a month, in part to arrest and reverse said burnout.

Started with a new practice, a collaborative, multidisciplinary team, whose model looks a lot like models on the US.

Also did locum work elsewhere in the province.

Went back to Maui earlier this year, got a CNM job in an OB/GYN office, and worked there for a few months.

I’m set to go back in the fall for six months. Meanwhile I’m still working at the collaborative care group.

I had a vision of being a six month resident here and there, just wasn’t expecting it to happen so quickly!

All this time I’ve had my blog percolating in the back of my mind. I use lots of storytelling in my care, and I’ve thought more than a few times, “Wow, I should really start blogging again.”

Last fall I went to a c section first assist course. That’s something I’ve done before, but certification requirements are such that the course I took in 2002 wouldn’t suffice. During one of the lectures I thought to myself, “That reminds me of an interesting story.” During a different lecture I had the same thought. Then I decided to start writing down other story ideas.

Guys, I came up with FORTY THREE things to write about.

That was in November.

It’s taken me until now to get here, but it happens when it happens, right? 

I may need to consider changing my blog’s name to “Nomad Midwife”.

I’m so happy to be back.


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