Greetings, friends and neighbors! It’s been a bit, and a LOT has been going on!

Remember this post? I got the job. Full time temporary, labor and delivery nursing, and I’ve never been happier to be working.

And this one? All kinds of happy.

My inner worry wart (not to be confused with the brain weasels), not content to leave me alone, fixated on whether or not my work visa would arrive in time. Based on the timetables listed on the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website, it was looking iffy.

It arrives in the mail a few weeks ago.

I’m running out of things to worry about.

Amidst my various frettings, I did a little confused self examination. Why wasn’t I turning cartwheels, shouting from the rooftops, and bursting with gratitude? All at the same time?

I identified that I’m still waiting for the other shoe to drop. Moving to Canada became a goal almost two years ago, and I’m having trouble believing it’s finally within reach. I berated myself for NOT turning cartwheels, shouting from rooftops, or bursting with gratitude.

Then I went all geeky. I started to think about emotions as biochemical reactions. The stress response, fear reactions, even joy and anticipation all have identifiable biochemical pathways. I’ve been living with some degree of fear and uncertainty for the better part of the past year. My nervous system has acclimated to it, and it’s not going to disappear overnight. It’s like when you switch from hot water to cold water and the remaining hot water needs to flush out before the water gets cold again.

I decided to let my body heal, let my emotions be what they’re going to be, and take the next step. Joy and anticipation are coming.

Next week I’ll be going to Cambridge to look for an apartment. I think joy and anticipation will hit me then.

Oh, yeah, that’s where I’m going. Guess I forgot to mention that.

Here they are!

Look, I’m even on their list already!

I wanted to work in Toronto, true, but not badly enough to beg for a job. Of the four Toronto practices with openings, I interviewed with two and both said no (they both did me a favor), one wasn’t willing to do a Skype interview (must be present to win, I guess), and one didn’t call me back despite my diligent follow up. In some worlds, the kind of diligence I demonstrated could be construed as harrassment. However, the only acknowledgement I received was after a phone call to the office manager who said yes, my resume has been received. Otherwise-crickets.

Meanwhile, the practice I’m joining was upfront about wanting someone with my kind of experience, clinical and otherwise. Ah, FINALLY, an acknowledgment that I have something to offer!

In both interviews-Skype and in person-I was struck by their clarity and directness, within the group and in their descriptions of their relationship with the hospital. I’ve been around enough to know how rare that is. A midwife is on the medical executive committee at their hospital. Given my experiences here with hospitals, I know how rare THAT is. Finally, I’m suitably impressed that the senior midwife is working on her PhD.

All in all, I’m pretty sure I’ve struck gold.

OK, this is working. Telling the world my good news. Teehee.

Next up: my full time temp job. Teaser: according to 2010 statistics, their c section rate is 21%.

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1 Response to Ch…ch…ch…ch…changes

  1. I really relate to where your nervous system is at. I am in a similar place. After more than a year of stress, so much change, and a whole lot of waiting, I feel like I am detoxing these days. It’s been, quite honestly, extremely challenging. I am thinking good thoughts for you, and so very glad we had an opportunity to connect.

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