Sunday I went to Chicago’s Gay Pride Parade. While immersed in the sea of carnival style happiness, I did lots of people watching, and BOY, is there lots of that to be had!

Lots of people were topless in some fashion with stuff written on them in magic marker. My favorite: FUCK H8. Others were, of course, rainbows, interlocking male/male symbols and female/female symbols, happy faces, peace signs, hearts.

Some had words: Declarations of love, sentiments against intolerance, and “FREE HUGS!”

My singular point of angst was a few twenty-something year old men with this written across their chest:

“Free hugs and kisses. Women only, I’m here for the boobs.”

Really, guys? You’re at the Gay Pride Parade to exercise your straight male privilege?

I REALLY hope they met some people with “boobs”.


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One Response to Diversion

  1. Spirulinagirl says:

    I always think of ‘blue footed boobies’ when someone uses the words boob or boobie. Couldn’t say why, exactly, but it becomes so ridiculous in my head….
    What a strange, strange world we live in that straight men would think there were even women there who would even think it funny, never mind take them up on the offer.
    I just don’t understand people.

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