OK, better now

Yesterday’s post gave me the not entirely unexpected gift of silencing the brainweasels. Seriously, I sighed, moved away from the computer, and felt like my soul lost weight. I didn’t even need to wait for encouraging responses.

That being said, the encouraging responses were much appreciated. šŸ™‚ Thanks, everyone!

One piece of information that helped is learning that delayed funding from the Ministry of Health isn’t uncommon. I was under the impression that, if this time isn’t a first, that it’s uncommon enough to warrant concern.

Well, anyway. Meltdowns such as that of a few days ago are, thankfully, uncommon. Comically distorted, mercifully brief, and uncommon. My post yesterday is the equivalent of screaming out of the window during finals week in college, and its effectiveness was startling.

Here’s to hoping for unqualified, unrestrained, enthusiastic good news soon. Heck, I may even do a random post of something birthy.


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2 Responses to OK, better now

  1. I’m also waiting, not-too-patiently, for some good news. June 17 was my birthday, and way back at the end of May, I was sure that by my birthday, I’d at least know “yes or no”. To still be waiting was a real kick in the pants. Those darned brainweasels can be awfully humbling, even though they are completely made-up.

  2. Katherine says:

    I will now be using the phrase brainweasels. Regularly. Thank you, Jen!

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