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Sunday I went to Chicago’s Gay Pride Parade. While immersed in the sea of carnival style happiness, I did lots of people watching, and BOY, is there lots of that to be had! Lots of people were topless in some … Continue reading

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…new registrant funding has been approved and released. NOW I feel free to proceed with the next steps. Oh, and: SQUEEEEEEE!!!!!  

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OK, better now

Yesterday’s post gave me the not entirely unexpected gift of silencing the brainweasels. Seriously, I sighed, moved away from the computer, and felt like my soul lost weight. I didn’t even need to wait for encouraging responses. That being said, … Continue reading

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Updates, such that they are

Much pathos to follow. If you want sweetness and light, please go here and here. Yeah, I’ve been a bit quiet recently. I’ve been waiting for good news to report. I’ve gotten some-sort of. It’s good news I’m not willing … Continue reading

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Ah, validation….

….you bring such mixed feelings. I’ve been loud and clear about my reasons for moving, and now it’s happened somewhere else: North Carolina. I’m sad for my midwife sisters and for their clients, but I’m not surprised and horrified.

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