A few random opinions

Hi all,

I have a lengthier post coming up with some of my recent experiences, but today I’m trying my hand at giving myself permission to do a short post, and/or not waiting to do a post just because I think I “should” do an update post before an opinion piece. Letting go of “shoulds” has been quite liberating. Try it sometime.

First, over the past few months I’ve been doing lots of talking to lots of people about the state of midwifery in the States. I have yet to figure out a coherent way to do this. First I talk about CNMs, that our practice is protected and recognized in all 50 states. Then I talk about CPMs, whose practice is illegal in about half of the states, Illinois being one of them.

Then I talk about home birth and hospital birth. CPMs do home and birth center birth and can’t work in hospitals, while more than 90% of CNMs do only hospital birth. Last year I called the ACNM for another reason, and just for fun, asked how many home AND hospital CNM practices there are in the US. The answer: 60. As a point of reference, there are 60 midwife practices in the state of Illinois alone.

So that’s all background to say-guess what I learned today? That in two states, Nebraska and Alabama, it is a felony for a CNM to do a home birth.


Next, in a rare show of gender equity, the CDC and the American Academy of Pediatrics are now recommending that boys get vaccinated for HPV as well as girls. I’m aware that many are against the vaccination, period, but my general stance on vaccination isn’t too terribly different from many topics: do your research and make an informed decision.

My angst about HPV is that is was marketed towards girls. Well, OK, it was marketed towards women, parents, and health care providers, but you know what I mean. The message was loud and clear: it’s a vaccination women are supposed to get.

Guess what? Girls don’t get HPV all by themselves. Vaccinating the vectors of HPV as well as those that suffer the burden of it seems like a logical course of action, one of which I heard very little mention when it was first available. 

OK, enough opinion sharing for one day. I’ll be back soon with an update of my interesting past few months.

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