Why, YES, dear readers, it’s been over four months since I’ve posted! More to come later, but this needs its own post.

First, go back here.

And here’s a comment from today:

Dear Urban Midwife:

I am the woman who left the Starbucks card on the eL in Chicago. I actually just heard the story of how you got in contact with HappyAnne’s mother today, through the woman who originally had the idea of placing Starbucks cards around Richmond, Virginia (http://kindnessgirl.com/2008/02/19/guerrilla-goodness-2/). I did a bit of Googling and stumbled onto this blog entry. I wanted to let you know how happy it makes me that the card turned into something more than a cup of coffee. Thanks for passing along the guerilla goodness and for making my day.Sincerely,
Christina Couch

I’m gonna do another one today. Just because.

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