Funny dad story

Just home from a birth. This was a repeat client, which is a special feeling all its own. Anyway…

So mom is in the tub, her back against the edge, starting to spontaneously push. Dad is sitting directly across from her, poised to catch. A memory from their last birth bubbled up, and I asked quietly, “You caught last time, right?”, motioning to their three year old who was watching with eyes as huge as saucers.

He nodded, and I said, “Great! Then I know you’re qualified, and I don’t have to move!”

“I get my certification after this one,” he said proudly.

Lynne, nurse extraordinaire, chirps up, “Great! That means you can teach!”

Huh. This seems to have lost something in the retelling. But wow, it was  hilarious in the moment.

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