Illinois political candidates for governor

I promise more sweetness and light is coming, but this just NEEDS to be said.

This is from Pat Quinn’s office, regarding advanced practice nurses:

As a candidate for Governor, do you support independent practice for advanced practice nurses? Please briefly explain your views.

From Gov. Quinn’s office

“Yes, Governor Quinn supports independent practice for APNs.  The Governor supports accessible healthcare for all Illinoisans, and supports independent practice for advanced practice nurses as a tool to aid that goal. Independent practice is a good way to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of our healthcare delivery workforce, and Governor Quinn believes that nurses with a high degree of training should be allowed to practice to the fullest extent of that training.”

TRANSLATION: “YAY APN’S! Here’s your limo! How do you like your coffee? You rock! If you rocked any harder you’d be granite!”

From Sen. Bill Brady’s office:

“Health reform and provider shortages are creating a demand for an increased role for advanced-practice nurses – particularly nurse practitioners.  It has been shown that advanced-practice nurses will become especially valuable in urban hospitals where the need for transitional care and interventions help hold down rehospitalizations improving patient care and resource utilization, and keeping healthcare costs down.  At the other extreme of very rural populations where healthcare facilities and practices are not readily available, advanced-practice nurses operating under expanded scope-of-practice laws for nurse practitioners can improve healthcare access and make it more affordable.

TRANSLATION: “APNs are ok when there aren’t enough doctors. They’re also good for going where doctors don’t want to work, like those poor city people or way out in the country.”


“The 2010 Pearson Report from the American Journal for Nurse Practitioners showed that 15 states plus Washington DC permit independent practice for Nurse Practitioners and seven states require physician collaboration to prescribe. I believe that Illinois’ current law is sound, but that the implementation of healthcare reforms and budget constraints may require that the State of Illinois look at other options.  As Governor, I will work with all stakeholders to establish an agreed upon policy option that offers Illinoisans the best healthcare options for the future.”

Background: Illinois’ current law keeps APNs securely under the thumb of doctors by requiring a signed agreement for APNs to work. There is not a corresponding requirement for doctors to sign said agreement.

TRANSLATION: “Things are just fine the way they are, but darnit, we may HAVE to use those APNs after all. Maybe. Unless I can figure out how not to.”

Get out there and vote, people.

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3 Responses to Illinois political candidates for governor

  1. Anna says:

    Hi Jennifer! I am an ex-OB RN (I just have become so discouraged with hospital birth and have been working in photography for now) and I just wanted you to know how much I love your blog. I’ve been eating it up–please keep writing!

  2. Jamie says:


    Glad I voted!!! Quinn won by less than 20,000 votes; imagine if 20,000 child-bearing women my age did not vote. Crazy…

    Love your blog! Keep it up.

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