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Funny dad story

Just home from a birth. This was a repeat client, which is a special feeling all its own. Anyway… So mom is in the tub, her back against the edge, starting to spontaneously push. Dad is sitting directly across from … Continue reading

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Illinois political candidates for governor

I promise more sweetness and light is coming, but this just NEEDS to be said. This is from Pat Quinn’s office, regarding advanced practice nurses: As a candidate for Governor, do you support independent practice for advanced practice nurses? Please … Continue reading

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Instant midwife, just add coffee!

Feel like being silly today. BEFORE: AFTER: I can’t plug this blog enough.

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Cool midwife tricks, part 1

Interlude from my story to other stuff- A few times in the past year I’ve had occasion to use a positioning trick that I’ve once heard called the Texas Rollover. I’m going to christen it the Simkin Rollover, since that’s … Continue reading

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The journey continues…

My first year out of nursing school was rocky, to say the least. I graduated in 1994 (EGAD! That was over 15 years ago!), when there was a shortage of nursing jobs-more because of hospital cutbacks than because nurses weren’t … Continue reading

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“Why did you decide to become a midwife?”

This is one of my favorite questions in consultation visits. Sort of. Because I need to thin slice who’s sitting across from me and figure out how woo-woo I can get with them. And since we’re in the blogosphere, I’ll … Continue reading

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